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Kegging Services

Just bring the wine, we do the rest.

Kegging is now available at our production facility in Penticton, BC. Our trained personnel will ensure that kegs are sanitized, filled, and packaged to the highest standard. 


  • Keg washing and keg filling

  • 19.5 L specialized wine kegs available for rent through FreshTap, warehoused at our facility for convenience. For more information on Kegshare FreshTap kegs, click Here.

Keg Washing

Keg Washing.png

Kegs undergo a 14-step cleaning process involving: Water rinse, hot caustic cycle, neutralizing cycle, steam sanitization, and nitrogen purging.

Available for rented or owned kegs of all sizes with "D" style Sanke coupler.

Keg Filling

Available for wines and ciders up to 1.5ppm CO2 carbonation. 

Kegs are then packaged with collars, caps, and labels containing all necessary information, making them ready for shipping directly to their destination.

Keg Filling.png
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