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Mobile Services

Save the hassle, let Artus come to you.

Artus Bottling takes your packaging, your product, and brings it all together. With the equipment and the knowledge to save you time, space, and maintenance, we make the bottling process as easy as possible.

Let’s face it, bottling equipment is expensive. Instead of making the investment in something you are only going to use a couple of weeks out of the year, Artus can come take care of it for you. With four trailers ranging in size from 36-53 ft, our bottling services are both professional and efficient.


Artus Bottling works with wineries of all sizes, with a capacity of two thousand cases a day on a truck.


  • 187ml - 1.5L bottling capabilities

  • Closing with cork, screwcap, vino lock, and crown cap

  • Labelling (with orientation)

  • Date/lot coding

  • Up to 2000 cases per day

  • Equipment operators

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