Sparkling Wine Services We have been offering bottling services for sparkling wine since 2014, from Aeration to Methode Traditionelle and styles in between.

Méthode Traditionelle

Widely recognized as the highest standard for sparkling wine production, the transformation from a still to sparkling wine takes place entirely in bottle. The entire process can take up to a year and a half from start to finish. Artus Bottling offers the following: 

Bottle En Tirage Artus bottles the base wine (cuvee), with added yeast, sugar, and nutrients and closed with crown cap in preparation for secondary fermentation.
Riddling + Disgorging Bottles of en tirage go through a process where they end up inverted (on point), allowing the yeast and sediment to settle in the neck of the bottle. The sediment is then removed from the bottle during disgorging and the bottle is closed with a cork and wire muselet or another crown cap.
Foiling & Labelling The bottles of finished product are washed, foiled, and labelled with a shoulder and body label.


Also known as the “tank method,” secondary fermentation occurs in a pressure tank. Once secondary fermentation is complete, the wine is fined, clarified, and bottled. 


Artus Bottling takes your still wine and carbonates it, then packages it. This is the fastest and easiest method as it can be done in bulk.

Sparkling Wine Work Orders

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