Sparkling Wine FAQ

Artus is able to supply corks for sparkling production, muselets (wirehoods), foils and crown caps in limited colours.

Artus is capable of providing lenticular and cross-flow filtration.

Artus provides the bottling line staffing, from glass scrambler to off packer to case stacker, and the materials that allow your product to be shipped safely.

We are not able to provide this service. Options include Mission Bottle Wash and Vines to Vintages.

We will be in touch with you, after we receive a completed worksheet, to schedule delivery of product and supplies.

Wine and cider can be carbonated through forced carbonation, charmat method and methode traditionelle.

Please contact Norman Cole to discuss details. Keep in mind that this method has variable timing, as the rate of the secondary fermentation is variable.

Yes, we have the capability to riddle and disgorge. Please contact us to get your en tirage in the queue for riddling and disgorging. All your packaging components should be on hand when you get in touch.