Mobile Services FAQ

The winery is to provide personnel capable of the following duties:

  • Forklift Operator: Responsible for placement of empty glass and removal of complete pallets. 
  • Case Unscrambler: Responsible for uncasing empty glass onto conveyor while scanning the glass for defects. 
  • Case Packers: Responsible for placing filled and/or labelled bottles into cases while inspecting bottles, labels, closures/capsules, fill points, etc. Two winery personnel are required to ensure proper inspection of the bottles.
  • Case Stacker: Responsible for placement of filled cases on pallet, applying case labels if required. One or two personnel required.

*Additional winery personnel may be required for situations that require extra handling. These could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Bottling with bulk glass. 
  • Off-packing into unconventional packaging.
  • Capsules that are too small for the bottle finish.
  • Capsules that do not dispense due to sticking from improper storage or handling. 
  • Application of high profile Vino-Iok/Vino-seal closures.

Yes, on all mobile lines.

Wines need to be filtered to a bottle-ready state prior to bottling trailer arrival. The in-line filter housings, located in the bottling trailer and which house your cartridge filters, are NOT meant to provide "active" filtration where solids/particles are to be removed. These filters are meant to prevent any potential spoilage organisms from entering the filling system. This usually means filtering to a turbidity level of less than 1 NTU prior to the arrival of the bottling truck. 

The wine temperature should be above 15C to ensure there is no fill level fluctuation or effect to label application due to condensation. 

Artus provides two 30" housings, in-series, able to hold two 30" code 7, double 226 o-ring configuration filters. These housings are included in the sterilization cycle. Pall filters are stocked on the trailers and are for purchase if required. Please see Rate Sheet for description and pricing. 

No, it is the customer's responsibility to procure their own glass. 

Artus Bottling does carry some staples like crown caps, champagne corks and wirehoods, and champagne foils. Other than that, it is the customer's responsibility to procure their own packaging. 

It is all dependant on what time of year you wish to bottle. Typically, early spring (mid-January to May) is booked 6-10 months in advance and dates fill quickly. Ideally, when you start to order packaging, consider getting in touch with us for a mobile date, especially if this desired date falls outside of the early spring time frame.

Tape is supplied by Artus on all mobile lines.

Artus Bottling requires one person to be on site just before 6 am to supply access to the facility and provide the trailer with water, power, filter, and first packaging. The rest of the winery crew should be ready by 8 am for the start of bottling.

All of the Artus Bottling trailers run "industry standard #4, wound out left". Please refer to the service agreement or Label Specifications for further label information. 

Bottling is recommended within 5-7 days of filtering.